Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Large Side of Bitch, Whine and Complain

Bedtime is definitely sucking.

The troops are resisting getting reacquainted with the routine.

My five-year-old starts school back up tomorrow a.m. after several days on holiday. He won't go easily. Unfortunately, neither will his sister and brother.

I can hear my husband threateningly counting to three in our defiant daughter's room. Now he's demanding loudly, "Lay DOWN!"

Our kindergartener claims his head is pounding. I believe him after having a horrid migraine half the day amid counting how many kids were in our pack at the overrun aquarium. My throat is coated in goop. Consequently my tolerance level for other mini me's whose throats are likely also coated in goop is extremely low.

How many hours have I lost to warring with my children over bedtime? You'd think I were trying to force them into a room engulfed in flames, not simply into cushy soft mattresses decorated in their favorite themes and characters.

Why do my children hate sleep so? I can't think of a better way to pass the time. Apparently my husband agrees with me on that; He didn't rise earlier than 10 or 11 a.m. one single day his entire two-week Christmas vacation.

I take that back. Make that except for Christmas morning, when the kids woke up around 7 a.m. thirsty for Santa's stash. Wait -- He also let me sleep in one day, all the way til 11 a.m. I thought I'd come clean with that now before he leaves me a comment here, reminding me of his good deed. I was wrong. Oops.

Two of my three didn’t even fall asleep in the van on our hour-long trip up the 405 Freeway. You’d think they’d be zonked after stomping from one frigid, stingray loaded touch-pool to the next all afternoon. Of course, they finally fell asleep five minutes before we arrive home, after the hour-long trip back down the 405 Freeway, only to wake up pissy and starving for my poorly improvised bread, cheese and donut (I know. How stupid of me) dinner.

Now I want to sit on my ass and do nothing after such a busy day. Nothing more than suck down a mimosa.

But the dishes say I can't. The rainbow sprinkles on the sticky dining room floor say I can't. And the randomly strewn overalls, library books, dried out baby wipes and loads of other not-put-in-its-proper-place minutia ... Too much commands that I get off this lazy ass, log off the laptop and do something about it.

So here I go.

Scratch that. Family Guy is on. Hilarious adult cartoons trump chores any day.


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...

My house....
the mess.
My kids....well, ONE kid.
Adam takes about 3 hours to go to bed with stories ranging from being hungry, going to throw up, to missing his poppa (that is the big guns!).

And these days when we are sooo needing some down is killing us.
And the state of my home.


Sorry I have been away and out of the loop.

Did some blog changes, had medical emergencies and am now back to surfing!

At 12:13 PM, Blogger one love said...

Going to sleep is like giving into the idea that the day is over- as explained by my 37 year old soon- to-be-Dad friend that refuses to go to sleep until he can't physically hold his eyes open- he hates losing and to him going to sleep is like he's admitting that he's finishing his day- maybe kids have that same feeling- their brains can't yet rationalize that tomorrow has just as many hours in it to play, eat, cry, mess they want to hang on as long as possible- my 4 year old recently told me that he sleeps with his eyes open and he can even talk while he's sleeping! I said "Great! As long as you are doing it quietly in your bed!" I have a 4,3 and 1 year old all in one room so bed time can get interesting!

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