Saturday, February 24, 2007

Up Next: Fire Goddesses and Chinese Dragons

This morning I woke up from a bizarre dream that I was swimming in an over sized can of black olives to the sound of my boys vroooming their new Transformers in the playroom.

Instead of joining them and losing track of time playing for hours in my jammies and morning breath like I normally would, I stretched on all fours like my cat and went back to sleep.

Next, my daughter climbed into bed with me with a crumpled up bag of Wheat Thins that I left out. The bedside remnants of a midnight snack. In all, I think I ate six, yes that's six, string cheese tubes warmed up to melty in the microwave last night. I'm going to require gobs of fiber to recover. Gobs.

The kids are scrambling like Lord of the Flies scavengers for breakfast and Wheat Thins won't cut it for much longer, so I have to keep this short.

Oh gawd, Pigtails just ripped her diaper off, an over-poofed with overnight pee sagging bag. Yuck. She left it on the kitchen floor. Makes me think of a bloated corpse floating in the water. How dark is that? I just threw it away and washed my hands.

So, you might be wondering what the heck I was alluding to with a title like "Fire Goddesses and Chinese Dragons." They are the two top agenda items for me today. One with the kids and one without. Fire and kids don't mix so well, so you can probably guess which venue WILL NOT include my kids three.

Once we figure out what breakfast is and scrub ourselves to presentable, we'll climb in the cookie crumble spilled coffee stinkin' minivan and head to China Town L.A. for the 108th Annual Los Angeles Chinese Golden Dragon Parade.

It's the year of the boar. Isn't that just a fancy name for pig? In my effort to continually expose the kids to multicultural arts and eye candy, we try to do something with an arty ethnic slant at least once a month.

This is so not coming off as intelligently as I'd like it to. Blame it on my caffeine deficit. Normally by now I'm half way through the coffee pot all on my own. But I slept in and haven't gotten there yet.

Tonight I'm heading off on my own to see Sirena Serpentina at my son's charter elementary school for the arts. Now I sound like a snob, right? Well, I admitted here yesterday that I am in fact a big snobby mommy, so you might as well know that. I'm not hiding it.

Serena Serpentina is a dance troupe that practices an amazing movement art form that involves spinning fire balls tethered to metal chains all around their amazingly adorned bodies. I think each dresses like a particular goddess, demon, fairy, depending on what their theme is.

Words fail when describing them, so I'll leave you with these pics to feast your eyes on instead. Can you believe a major city unified school district would give the okay on a school grounds performance like this? Only at a progressive charter school. I'm so happy we transferred him here. And so is he. You should hear him speak Spanish now. He's teaching his little brother and sister because Spanglish is pretty normal for him now. I'll post more about this later.

I'll try to vlog from both the L.A. Chinese New Year celebration and Sirena Serpentina fire dancing tonight. Who knows what lies ahead?

This is my friend Rachel. Her kids go to school with my eldest son.

Ps. Not that anyone other than me cares, but I thought I'd share with you that Pigtails just pooped on the potty without being encouraged or asked to. Yay. No-effort potty training in full swing.



At 1:57 PM, Blogger Lara said...

i think your jumbled, pre-caffeine thought processes match mine exactly, because i had no problems whatsoever reading through that, nor did i have any thoughts that it wasn't intelligent. but then again, it's almost 2pm and i just woke up. that could be contributing.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger crazymumma said...

ooooo. I would love to see that performance. Although your literary allusion tying pee soaked diapers and bloated drowned corpses is putting me off a bit. Ophelia anyone????

And cheese strings. man. you must feel raunchy today.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger hellomelissa said...

i (as well as my husband and children) would kill for an elementary arts charter school. i know, i know, i should start one myself... but that would take MOTIVATION.

mmmm... melty cheese sticks...

At 1:55 PM, Anonymous crunchycarpets said...

You should have heard the thunderous applause this am when Caity marched in and peed on the toilet.


I am stuffing myself on hidden secret jube jubes and gave the kids oreas when they whined they were hungry.

Can't they feed themselves???

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