Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Slackstress Vlog: Grandparent Jealousy

Insta-recipe for a much-needed hand with the kids: Simply add willing grandparents ... within driving distance, that is. I wish it were that simple.

Perhaps I'd trade my balmy, season-less Southern California weather paradise for closer, more convenient proximity to my children's grandparents (both sets are 3,000-plus miles away).

If I moved where they are, I'd have to suck up my inner weather wimp and endure either power black-out blizzards (New Hampshire) or having to translate into semi-sanitizedd terms just what a "Gary Glitter" is and what "Gazungas" are to my children when they're old enough (the UK). I can't get enough of strange Britishisms.

Name one burned-out mom who wouldn't kill for the kind of uber granparent help I witnessed today at my son's preschool.

Unfortunately, I think I'd dump the kids off more than would be welcome, perhaps even legal. We'd have to draw up a contract just to keep me from abusing the torrent of gushy-mushy grandparent love.

Meanwhile, as I vlog all this from my usual spot - my minivan crumb crumble donut home on wheels, my daughter begs for junk food by name. What the?


At 5:50 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

yeah well....I would love grandparents like that myself. My parents are near by and are great people...but not a whole lot of babysitting. I get super jealous of people with grandparents like you describe. So 7 miles or 3000 sometimes its not all its cracked up to be.

At 9:36 AM, Blogger Little Miss said...

Oh I can sooo sympathize with ya on this one. I'd give anything to have gradparents close by. I'd even pay for the junkfood if they'd just live closer!

and if we lived in Cali, I'd swap babysitting with you just so we could maintain our sanity!

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