Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Ben & Jerry Toast, Feelin' ROFL Award Slap Happy


Thanks for the awesome nod, ladies. I feel so squishy-special for receiving the October ROFL award. Seriously, I am thrilled that some of you mammas (and daddies, I presume) are getting a kick out my caffeine O.D. driven three-kid insanity. Someone has to. My kids don't know any different. They think my delusions are normal. What's normal, anyway?

It's funny to receive an award bearing the name of an acronym (ROFL=Rolling On the Floor Laughing) which I was too green to decode only a few weeks ago, when I first started this blog. Here's the twisted toy ad satire awarded post, titled Toys R Us - The Land of Misfit Cop Toys? I probably should have tossed an "alleged" in there to cover my arse.

Somewhere between stuffing my mascara raccoon face with shaker salted on top of already overly salted microwave popcorn, scraping mushed, chewed up and spit out turkey hot dog remnants from the juice laminated wooden dining room floor tonight, I plan on checking out a hefty chunk of the other October ROFL winners.

I'm honored to keep company with some of the zaniest bloggers out there, even if tomorrow I'm totally unfunny and crash and burn. Now let's hope I don't plunge into random, drive-by maternal depression accompanied by death by chocolate and have zilch funny to say/report/blog evermore. Okay, not funny.

Speaking of depression, my next planned posting is very dark. I'm still debating whether or not to publish it. Bring some extra Kleenex and check back soon to find out if I will "go there." I'll sleep on it tonight.

Thanks again, Momish, for nominating me for this cool jury-of-your-peers style award. And thanks Plain Jane Mom for continually linking to me in your "Great Posts" section. I'm digging the extra traffic/page views. It turns out the blogosphere, especially when it comes to blogging moms, is quite a supportive, nurturing community. Moms and nurturing. Aw shucks. It's a no brainer. It feels silly to say here that I'm touched, but I truly am.

'Hoping that I don't come off as a narcissistic ass now that I've loudly tooted my own crazy horn ... Yipee and into the Ben and Jerry's deep carb end I dive to celebrate. Oh, and where's that chillin' bottle of cheap peach infused chardonnay I picked up while getting Benedryl for my allergy stricken three-year-old, Moody Cheeks McGee?

Lest I should forget, thanks to Mommy Off the Record and Izzy Mom, two of my mom blogging favs, for creating and listing the complete ROFL Award Winners each month between working and hyper busy momming.


At 11:35 PM, Blogger scribbit said...

Hey toot that horn all you want, when you put that much work into a blog it's only fair you can cheer when someone nominates you. Congratulations!

At 12:31 AM, Blogger Iris said...

I just have to know, what flavour is the Ben & Jerry's??? A personal favourite of mine would be the Chunky Monkey, but Cherry Garcia runs a very close second. And no, my kids never get any.......

At 5:15 AM, Anonymous heather said...

Well, I dig reading you every day. You really do write like you talk which I think is very high praise for both your verbal storytelling abilities, as well as your written. Rarely do I get off the phone with you when I don't feel it is necessary to tell Brian and my mom half of the stories you tell me.

So, congrats lady.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Well done, you deserve it. Your stories certainly light up our days!
Love Mary

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Momish said...

Toot your horn all you want, I believe you have definately earned it! And, yes it is a great supportive and nurturing blog would out there, isn't it!!!!

At 7:58 PM, Blogger Little Miss said...

congrats on the ROFL award!! you have me rollin' every post!

and the Kleenex post? I want to read it, truly, if you feel you can "go there" I'm sure a lot of mothers would appreciate it.

(uh, hem...what I mean to say is that I'm sure I can relate)

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