Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Minis Unimpressed With Voting, Better Luck With Mercury Crossing the Sun

I'd like to start this post once and for freakin' all but my heathen children are refusing to nap. One in particular, I'm sure you know who, just tried to punt my face in the midst of his full-throttle, full-volume fit trip.

My wimpy threats to take away (and maybe even chuck in the trash) their obsessive favorite thingy du jour (glow-in-the-dark Halloween skull rings) are futile.

It's a raw deal that kids don't come with a nifty sleep button. Screw stem cell research. If a nerdy engineer can figure out how equip my $10 alarm clock with three different snooze options and even project the time in blue light onto my ceiling, then why can't a savvy scientist stick a snooze button on my clone children?

If I could only command them to sleep. Knock them out without hurting them or breaking the law. Then I could bore you with how bored they were at the polls with their civic duty heeding mama.

Hopefully when the heathens finally do succumb to their hellish over-tiredness they won't sleep through Mercury crossing the face of the sun. Something they won't be able to witness again until 2016. Chances are they'll make it and get an unusual daylight glimpse of Mercury; The planet's trip across the biggest star is reportedly a five-hour long event. Check it out with the kiddies if you can. Thanks for the tip, my astronomy student hubster.

According to NASA: "Mercury's tiny disc -- jet black and perfectly round -- will glide slowly across the face of the sun. Only a speck of the sun's surface is actually covered, so the sun remains as dangerous as ever to look at. But with a proper filter and a little imagination, the transit of Mercury can be a marvelous experience."

Who knows? They might be as unimpressed with the rare celestial phenomenon as they were with my democratic assertion at the polls.

Let's take the Senate next!


At 9:38 PM, Blogger Little Miss said...

Uh, I think you got your wish~

and I couldn't agree more about the snooze button for kids! "mommy! i wanna milk" SNOOZE "nevermind, mama, i'm going back to bed for 20 minutes"... however i must say, i'd abuse this privilege as much as I do my real snooze button! so better not...


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