Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Will I Lie to My Kids About Columbus? Part 2

My Three Cuties
No, of course I didn't lie to my kids about who Columbus really was and about what he really did. But I didn't tell them the whole truth either.

My 5-year-old son, The Maestro of Mouth, did call me out on his "Who was Christopher Columbus?" question. As I said, he's a stickler for following up on his questions.

When we talked about it briefly before heading to the play room to jump on the crib mattresses I randomly strew across the carpet for Mexican jumping bean fun, I simply told him, "I think Columbus was a man who made some pretty bad choices. He wasn't honest. He wasn't the first to discover America. No one knows for sure, but mommy thinks Native Americans or Indians lived here first. If you want, we can celebrate someone else on your day off from school today. Can you think of anyone you'd like to know more about today other than Columbus?"

"Nope," he muffled with his mouth crammed full of blueberry muffin. "If Columbus isn't alive anymore than I don't need to beat him up, I guess."

Nice. I condemn Columbus for his violent past and my son wants to retroactively put the beat down on Columbus for being violent. Ironic.

I was supposed to post Part 2, the answer to whether or not I'd lie to my kids about how horrible/genocidal Columbus was in his so-called discovery of America, but instead I fell asleep early while reading a night-night book to my 3-year-old son, Moody Cheeks McGee. Yep. I fell asleep on his top bunk and generously drooled all over his pillow. Call it bonding if you will. I blew off blogging because I was busy encouraging Kade's already poor sleep habits.

I agree with the blogger who commented on my first anti-Columbus Day posting from thepete.com about waiting to fully inform my children about Columbus' various atrocities. He said if I told them the whole truth at such young ages they might become cynical. I fear their wet blanket mama who takes life way too seriously has already told them too much about way too many things. I can see the jaded cynicism coming through my 5- and 3-year-olds already.

Mouth recently told me on the way home from private school that, "Did you know, mommy, that a lot of people, in fact almost all people, work jobs just to make money? They don't even care what they do for a job. They just are greedy for money. They don't even want to help anyone with their job like Daddy does. What's up with that, mommy?"

Pensive pumpkin man, Aiden.
There's a cynical future ahead for that one, I tell ya.

In unrelated news, I'm late to pick my 3-year-old, Kade, up from preschool because I'm writing this right now. What I mean was, in related news I'm having three suspect moles burned off tomorrow at the dermatologist's. I'm a little nervous about the pain, even if I did have two kids at home sans pain killers/epidural. I'm a total wuss about mole removal, especially when I committed to help my new single mama friend take care of her newborn on night shift tomorrow night. I wonder if my boo-boos will still be sore/tender and I hope she doesn't catch on because I really want to help her out.


At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't lie to your kids. I'm one that sometimes gives too much info...when I was pregnant, my oldest daughter was telling her friends all about the uterus and placenta..I had to put a stop to that, and she had to grit her teeth and let her friends think the baby was really in my stomach.LOL.

Hope the mole removal goes swifty and painlessly..I also had both my kids med free!!

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Domestic Slackstress said...

I'm super pissed right now because I've added two new posts to my site in the past 24 hours, one called SEX - Yet More Wholesome Play Date Momversations and My Morning Mole Excavation ... yes, two of my suspect skin tabs came off nice and easy today ... and Blogger just blows b/c it won't actually publish my files even though it tells me it did. Sooooo pissed. Is anyone else out there having this problem? Hey flipflopmama, I feel like a dolt. I just didn't understand what you said in your email about IM'ng since you used the word messenging or something like that. Forgive my idiocracy. Of course I have IM. I'll email you my username when I get a chance and cool off from my super sizzling irritation at Blogger and get my two youngest down for their naps. Will my comment even publish?

At 2:57 PM, Blogger Domestic Slackstress said...

Didn't publish. Lame. Now several strange characters are appearing in some of my recent posts. I've had it with blogger.

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

Working for money? Craziness....

I know all about the mole removals. Red head up in here...I know all about the mole removals. And would you believe they don't even give you vicodin? Not that I needed it. Much.

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I think that telling them the truth in an age-appropriate manner is the best we can do... my daughter, at the age of 4 (she is now almost 6), wondered why I didn't like that man... he being Bush... as she always caught me yelling at the TV anytime he was on... I told her that it was very complicated but that bottomline, he was no friend to women, children nor trees and had a lot of power to help but instead was causing a lot of dammage instead and had to be stopped...

Her drawings during the 2004 elections were about Kerry and Bush... and in school she has had to learn to stop telling people why their concentrated juices are so bad for them, or the cookies they bring with all those additives and yeah, at two she had already seen a video of her own birth as well as explicit pics of women giving birth all in preparation of the arrival of her brother and all to help her grasp the concept that there really was a baby inside mummy... it all helped and now, my goodness the in-depth questions she asks! These days the afterlife is of quite some interest to her!


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