Friday, September 29, 2006

Soaring High on Newborn Life-Force Energy

a brisk first bath
Watching the supple wet crown of an infant’s head gently glide out of his mother’s womb is one of the most miraculous visions I’ve ever had the pleasure to behold.

Baby Newbie, along with his amazingly graceful-in-birth goddess mama, granted me the gift of experiencing his first breath of life at 2:56 a.m. last Wednesday.

The robust, espresso-haired little guy weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and measured 19 and three-quarter inches in length. He seemed to embody a fighter spirit, as he Kung Fu kicked and punched at the chilly delivery room air while the nurses poked and prodded him with Vitamin K, antibiotic eye ointment and a brisk sponge bath.

Ever since I cut little Newbie’s umbilical cord, I’m still soaring high on his pure life force energy. In a split second baby Newbie was released from his mother’s physical being, but also forever enmeshed with her emotionally and spiritually. Thank you, Newbie, I’m eternally grateful for the honor and promise to always look out for you as if you were one of my own.

A woman can never truly know the immeasurable thrill of meeting the tender flesh of her flesh until she experiences it for herself. No one can prepare her for the infinite bliss of pressing her baby’s skin against her own for the first time. No one can prepare her for the self-amazement and hard-earned pride she experiences when she revels in the first fruitful, nourishing latch of her suckling newborn baby.

A woman can never truly know the nerve-shattering pain of hard labor until she experiences it for herself. No one can prepare her for the terrifying sensation of a zillion cluster bombs exploding in her uterus, shocking it with wave after wave of white-hot shrapnel pains that she has no choice but to put out of her mind in order to survive (and perhaps continue to make babies).

No one can prepare a woman for the soul-rattling shivering and shaking of labor. No one can prepare her for the raw, will-breaking peak of a full-force contraction. For the jagged intensity of transition. *Somehow the rest of this post which I worked very hard on got lost. I apologize for dropping off abruptly but it's gone forever.


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